Margaret’s Story
Margaret’s Story


Redneck Opera: A Novel (Paperback)
By Margaret Mooney
ISBN: 9780986415005

“I have always studied small town people who make it to the big time and wondered how someone from a town of 2,000 could achieve the same success as someone from a big city with all the advantages of a superior education, cultural sophistication and the impact of a strong competitive peer group.”

After graduating from Longview High School, like all self-respecting Texans, I enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. Because I made good grades in high school art classes, I enrolled in the Fine Arts program. That was a disaster. We had to draw naked men and I had never seen one. So, I switched to the B school and earned a BBA with a minor in Fine Arts.

Since I apparently have the attention span of a gnat, and grew up in a time when ads were more entertaining than programming, I embarked on a 35 year career in advertising with Leo Burnett and Oglivy & Mather.

Redneck Opera is my first attempt at writing a novel. If you like it, it won’t be my last. The title of the book I’m working on now is Libretto, Ya’ll.

I grew up during the 50’s and 60’s in a small East Texas town called Longview. The discovery of oil during those years put instantly rich people cheek to jowl with dirt-poor cotton farmers. The children of both types of families became my peers. I soon left home for the University of Texas in Austin, and once I moved to Chicago to start my advertising career, I realized my childhood friends were probably not normal.

As an example, the custom on Christmas was for all my friends to visit one another’s houses to see what presents everyone received. One in three had bounty from Neiman Marcus. That’s how I came to know about Neiman’s; although, I didn’t actually get there until I was in my twenties. That experience got me thinking about things that didn’t add up – especially during my years in high school. For instance, overweight rich girls got lots of dates, and so did all the girls with big boobs. That left me out on both counts. The cheerleaders were popular, but my dad wouldn’t let me try out for cheerleader because he thought they were mostly sluts. Since I didn’t have a rich daddy, had no boobs and couldn’t be a cheerleader, I was left wondering what was wrong with me. It wasn’t until I discovered advertising that I felt accepted. Advertising rewards individualism and creativity. It fit me like a glove.

After a long and successful career in advertising in Chicago, where I won numerous awards, I moved to Santa Fe, where I immersed myself in the non-profit world. The inspiration for Redneck Opera stems from my childhood; the courage to write it can be attributed to my years in advertising, along with the joy of living in Santa Fe where pretty much everyone I know is trying something new.



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Margaret Mooney grew up in East Texas, moved to Chicago to pursue a career in advertising and received numerous awards including creativity.
In 2005, Margaret moved to Santa Fe, where she immersed herself in the nonprofit world. Redneck Opera is Margaret’s first novel and is loosely based on real life characters.
She lives with her husband Larry Davis in the Cerrillos Hills, south of Santa Fe.

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