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A Sweeping Tale of Oil Discovery in Texas



Redneck Opera: A Novel (Paperback)
By Margaret Mooney
ISBN: 9780986415005

Margaret Mooney’s debut novel, Redneck Opera, is one flat-out hilarious romp. It’s clever and reckless and is written with brio and grace. So, dear reader, strap on your seat belt and hold on to your Stetsons—this is one wild and bumpy ride you’re going on, and there are turns up ahead that you won’t see coming. This is a story so big, a tale so tall, it took the great state of Texas to hold it all in place.—John Dufresne, author of No Regrets, Coyote

Redneck Opera is about a crazy, ballsy, wealthy, big-haired, take-no-prisoners place, and the inhabitants who dance in the sinister holiness of the original discovery of black gold in East Texas. It chronicles a mostly true tale about the early days of oil discovery when dirt poor cotton farmers became overnight millionaires as they drilled for water and hit oil. Outsiders swarmed in to prey upon the unsuspecting locals. Junior Peck was one such outsider and the story follows Junior from his less than ideal childhood in Enid, Oklahoma to his ill-gotten wealthy lifestyle in Texas.

A real history lesson about Texas characters told with belly laughs throughout. —Joan Brooks Baker, award-winning writer, photographer, and videographer of The Black Madonna

In Redneck Opera, Margaret Mooney casts a knowing and amused eye on the roughnecks, wildcatters, and swindlers who thrived in Texas oil fields half a century ago. They still do.—Jan Reid, author of Commanche Sundown and Let the People In: The Life and Times of Ann Richards

A hilarious tale of the early days of oil discovery and the men who would stop at nothing to get rich. Mooney gives us an unforgettable cast of characters that could only be grown in Texas.—M. G. Grana, Winner 2000 Willa Cather Book Award


“Written in a lighthearted and engaging style, this mainstream work of historical fiction whips through a wild tale like a Texas windstorm. The descriptive language absolutely shines, evoking Texas as clearly as the bluebell.”
—Foreword Clarion Reviews
October 2015

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Margaret Mooney grew up in East Texas, moved to Chicago to pursue a career in advertising and received numerous awards including creativity.
In 2005, Margaret moved to Santa Fe, where she immersed herself in the nonprofit world. Redneck Opera is Margaret’s first novel and is loosely based on real life characters.
She lives with her husband Larry Davis in the Cerrillos Hills, south of Santa Fe.

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